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Who are Les Mets de Provence?

Since 1981, Les Mets de Provence have been taking inspiration from the surroundings in our native Provence. All of our recipes are natural, organic, authentic and delicious, and are prepared in the very heart of Provence, only a stone’s throw from Avignon. We bring you the dishes that our region is famous for.

Our quality requirements

Quality certificates

The great flavour of Les Mets de Provence’s products is the result of a demanding and continuous quality control strategy. This strategy follows the international standards governing the safety of products and the manufacturing process and guarantees their traceability thanks to a stringent set of hygiene rules. Thanks to this strategy, our production site has been awarded the IFS certificate. And to continue this approach to safety and quality, Les Mets de Provence has also created a range of organic products which follow the Ecocert oversight and certification guidelines.

Product selection

From spreads and dips to prepared meals and useful kitchen ingredients, all of our specialties are imbued with a deep respect for our land and its authentic flavours. All of the vegetables, herbs, condiments and oils used in our recipes are carefully selected. Our star ingredients, garlic and basil, are grown by local producers in our region. In terms of oil, we choose to use extra virgin olive oil and sunflower oil.

Our environmental policy

Because Les Mets de Provence’s flavours are the standard-bearers for our region, we take extra special care to monitor our impact on the environment. Our packaging (glass, plastic or cardboard) is 100% recyclable, and remains so over and over again. Waste treatment is handled by our own eco-station. Our organic waste is degraded using ecological filtration which promotes the regeneration of a natural environment, the rosary plantation.